Project, created with the Wix website builder.

This is my second professional project. Under a nice and productive collaboration with Gitte Hannemann Mollan this website came to life.

The goal was to create a simple and clean landing page, presenting Gitte as consultant and her services. The modern and versatile Wix platform was chosen to build this project. This because Wix is super easy to use and easy to learn. Security and Back-up is taken care of. This means less time spent on communication with the customer and more time to fully focus on design and functionality.

"Sander has developed the website for my consulting company. I am very pleased with the result - we hit on both the purpose and the user functionality. The collaboration was extremely educational, uncomplicated and pleasant. Sander works quickly and easily finds solutions to challenges. If you choose Sander as the developer of your website, you will not only get a technically optimal page, but also the most relevant and best design. I highly recommend him." - Gitte Hannemann Mollan

Tools used: Figma & Wix website builder